May 23, 2014: Learning a new skill – swimming

I had originally planned to write this blog when I was starting to learn swimming, and write about my journey and experiences while learning it. That didn’t happen, sadly, I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was just laziness. Perhaps I was a little reluctant about swimming since I had originally started running and had to switch in the middle. So then even though I enjoyed every single swimming lesson, I didn’t get into writing about it. In any case, I can swim now, yay! 🙂My first lesson was on March 12, and on April 23, I swam across the deep end of the pool for the first time. In a month and a half! I practiced twice a week apart from the weekly lessons. So to any adult who wants to learn how to swim, I want to say this to you. It is totally, completely, possible to learn how to swim, and pretty quickly! I’d have learned faster probably if I practiced every day instead of twice a week. All those reasons we all give ourselves, that kids learn it faster, I don’t think so! Kids take a lot of time to learn how to swim form what I’ve seen. But if you are determined, and you start off with some lessons, that’s it! I was lucky to have the best swim teacher ever. She was very direct and to the point. She would teach a concept, show how it’s done, then move on. We had to practice mostly on our own time to learn. Because swimming is all about practicing the right techniques. Maybe some day I can put together a step-by-step tutorial of how to learn swimming. I wrote down the high level steps.