Week 4 day 1 complete

Week 4 is a repeat of week 3. 4m, 4m, 6m, 3m. I ran 4 miles, starting at 4.7 instead of 4.5 mph (small progress). After 10 mins increased to 5.1, then 5.5. I pushed myself a bit so it was harder than usual. But okay. I need to catch up if I can to my training plan.

I’m getting a puppy next weekend. I don’t know how long it’ll take to leash train him, but I look forward to running outdoors, and with a partner, and at fixed times! It should be really great! Even much tougher than life now, coz I just jump on the treadmill whenever I have the energy after waking up now, but it’ll have to be a fixed time then. But I’m super excited! 🙂

Week 3 done, 13 weeks to go!

I did Week 3 day 4 today of my 16 week half marathon training. 3 miles. It’s so cool, 3 miles feels like nothing! After my last 6 mile run, this was easy to get myself to do! It feels hard when running, I’m constantly looking at the time, but it’s so doable! It took me 38 mins I think to do this. I needed the 10 min warmup run time at 4.5 mph, then I increased slowly to 5.4. I’m so pleased! And I’m pleased that I’m mostly calm and pleased with my progress, despite my worries for training on a completely flat treadmill. I’ll be ready by June. I’ll manage, somehow. 🙂

I won’t be at home during the weekend so I’ll probably lose time. That’s okay too! It’s all good. 🙂

PB: 6 miles continuous!

Whoo, I feel great! 2 records, which I suppose often go hand in hand.

Time PR: 74 mins continuous running
Distance PR: 6 miles continuous running.

On treadmill, no incline. Started at 4.5 mph, increased very slowly to 5.5. I feel like superwoman! I’m almost half way to my half marathon goal! Of course I’ll be ready by June! I have 3 months and I’m already almost half way there! 🙂

The trick to good, consistent, ache-free (well… :)) training, I’m learning, is run slower than you like. The main thing is to increase endurance first, increasing speed can come later.


Did 4 miles, getting back on track

I was supposed to do 6 miles of Week 3 day 3 last Tuesday, but ended up having to take a break. Finally I am back on track, and tomorrow I’ll do it finally! I’m more excited than nervous!

I noticed that taking this week long break didn’t bother me as much as it was bothering me earlier if I lost training time. I somehow feel calm and confident, that I’ll be able to do the marathon anyways. Even if I don’t manage to train for it in the proper complete schedule prescribed by the training plan, I think I’ll manage in the end. I’ll just run slower, that’s all. And in 3 months I think I’ll get a pretty decent amount of training in anyways.


Took a break, ran 2 miles to get back – feel great!

Took a 3 day (actually 4) break because of doctor’s orders. I ran super slow, at 4.5 mph. And felt great. I think I am starting to become a runner. It wasn’t painful. Since I was slow, and it was a very short run (it was a very short while ago that 2 miles didn’t feel ‘very short’, but now it does!!! 🙂 ), and it was great. Tomorrow I do a 4 mile, then day after I will get back to my training plan. Week 3 day 3 of 6 miles.

Listen to your body!

My dad used to say this to me all the time – listen to your body! He was absolutely right! We are hard-wired to always want more. To never be satisfied with what we have. I was running at 5.5 mph (11 min mile) for a while, and kept wanting more but stuck at it. Now my tummy cramps even at 4.5 (13.3 min mile). I ran at 4.5 for a really long time today before my tummy finally started to relax. After that I tried to sneakily increase the speed by 0.1 mph very slowly throughout my run. My body felt it! But it was somewhat okay. Eventually on the last 0.5 miles I ramped it up to 5 mph. My tummy wasn’t too happy but it didn’t scream out either.

I’m happy that I ran my 4 miles. It’s a great achievement for someone who three months ago could barely run. Instead I keep pushing myself to do more, and keep thinking I’m not getting there fast enough. Maybe that’s how human beings excel. But that’s also how we get so stressed about everything. That’s enough of that. I’m happy. And that’s that.

Week 3 day 2 done. Now for the big 6 mile run next!

Week 3 day 1 – complete

I was a force today. I got so much work done! I was out a lot of the day, and I thought when I’d get home I’ll run. I got tired. I fell asleep. 🙂 I woke up after an hour, groggy. Did some seed planting, then got energy because I finished something I was so excited about, and ran!

My speed seems to have decreased drastically. I was doing 5.5 fairly regularly, but my tummy started hurting. So I have started running at 4.5 mph. I increased it very slowly so that by the end I was at 5.1. I think I’ll concentrate on improving my mileage and do the speed work later. The run was fairly comfortable! Which is rare! That’s just my comfortable speed.