PB: 10 miles yesterday!!!

It was tough, my knees started hurting in the last 30 mins. I was on a flat treadmill as usual, at a slow speed of 4.7 mph. I didn’t want to tempt fate my increasing the speed. It is me pushing myself, as long as I’m running, I’m happy! And I ran. Today my legs are sore, but they’re not too bad. Not crazy sore.

I am almost out of time for my June 13 half marathon. I have not trained well. I have a week and a half of time remaining. I have decided to do 3 more training runs. None of the middle conditioning runs. Just the long ones. 11 miles this weekend. 12 mid week next week. 13 next weekend. Then a week break. Maybe some conditioning shorter runs. That’s it. Push myself 3 more times for training runs, and let me see how I do in the final one. I lost a lot of training time but I’ll give myself one last push. After all, running is more about the mind than the body, right?

See you next on the weekend! Good luck with all your running efforts! Keep at it, even if you lose time! Don’t stop and lose even more! 🙂

Ran 9 miles today

In the last one month I have run a total of 5 times, including today. I did an 8 mile run, continuous, which I was thrilled by. I then kept losing time, then would have to start by conditioning my body a bit. Last Sunday, I did the Diabetes-Nordstrom Beat and bridge run in Seattle – an 8k run. It was my first run that long that was outdoors, and my first outdoors run with hills. Needless to say, I was slow. Out of 2000 women, I was number 1600 or so. So in the tail end of the run! But I was feeling super thrilled, because I did it. Even though 5 miles felt quite okay to me – I’ve done 8 miles after all, and 5 miles many times on the treadmill, it still felt really great.

This run was on Sunday. I did a 2 mile run on Saturday to condition my body. I wanted to do 4, on Thursday or Friday, but it just kept not happening. I had run a 4 mile after a long break and my muscles hurt too much, that’s why I decided to just do a 2 mile to help warm up my body a bit but not get it into a hurting state. It worked, coz I wasn’t sore the next day for my big beat the bridge run. Which was really great.

I was sore on Monday and Tuesday, so perfect excuse to not run. Wed I just didn’t, though I kept planning to. Thursday too – I started my new job, but I had planned to wake up on time and not use that as an excuse. But no, I didn’t. Friday I had taken the day off – I had asked for it even before starting the job, because we are leaving in the afternoon for a little trip nearby. So I decided that no matter what happens I need to take my training to the next level. Not try to build up. Just do it. So I did 9 miles!!!!

So… guess what??? I did 9 miles!!!!

You know what, I’m going to sound really stupid or what not.. but can you imagine.. I did 9 miles!!!! I seriously rock!!!!

So now I can spend my weekend recovering and not worrying about having to run on the weekend. And when I come back, I can continue my training.

My half marathon is on June 13. I have two more weeks of training. The last week I think I shouldn’t be running a lot. So I should plan this out. Maybe next week in the middle of the week I should do 10 miles. Then weekend 11 miles. Then mid week 12 miles, the final weekend before the run, 13 miles. That’s really pushing it, but it’s my only hope if I want to be able to run this rock n roll! It’s all on the treadmill, so outdoors will be different, but it should be fine. I don’t need to do the mid week shorter training runs either. I should just do these big runs. 4 more training runs, then the big half marathon. That’s the only way I can do it.

So should I do it? Yes, I think I will. I can handle 4 more training runs. That’s all it is. I can push myself really hard for 4 more training runs. That’s all there is to it! Just 4 more! And today, I could have kept going. My back was starting to hurt a bit, although i kept pushing myself to keep it totally straight. I just need to watch my form better next time, and it should be totally do-able! Yay! End goal in sight!!! 🙂