PB: 10 miles yesterday!!!

It was tough, my knees started hurting in the last 30 mins. I was on a flat treadmill as usual, at a slow speed of 4.7 mph. I didn’t want to tempt fate my increasing the speed. It is me pushing myself, as long as I’m running, I’m happy! And I ran. Today my legs are sore, but they’re not too bad. Not crazy sore.

I am almost out of time for my June 13 half marathon. I have not trained well. I have a week and a half of time remaining. I have decided to do 3 more training runs. None of the middle conditioning runs. Just the long ones. 11 miles this weekend. 12 mid week next week. 13 next weekend. Then a week break. Maybe some conditioning shorter runs. That’s it. Push myself 3 more times for training runs, and let me see how I do in the final one. I lost a lot of training time but I’ll give myself one last push. After all, running is more about the mind than the body, right?

See you next on the weekend! Good luck with all your running efforts! Keep at it, even if you lose time! Don’t stop and lose even more! 🙂

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