My quest for exercising daily has been going on for many years now. In 2009, I started by going to the gym twice a week. I kept this up for 2 years, but then somehow it became hugely painful for me to go there. So I stopped it.

I needed to find a replacement for the gym. I love, love, LOVE walking. So in 2012, I decided to go for a 10 mile walk once a month. Every month, my Dad gathered some friends and organized either a hike, or a 15k walk. This happened like clockwork throughout my childhood, the first Sunday of every month! Oh I so loved those activities! I really looked forward to them. I decided to recreate that, although I was alone. I don’t have my dad’s friend gathering skill apparently!

I did that walk for 2 months, and then decided to be a lot more ambitious. So I did the 60 miles in 3 day Susan G. Komen 3 day walk! That was really exciting! It was really great for one time, but it wasn’t my answer to my quest for fitness. For one thing, we ate a lot of junk during the training walks. It wasn’t a daily exercise. It wasn’t as intense. It was time consuming. It took up all of our weekends during the short Seattle summer to train. I didn’t get much fitter. The fund-raising experience was brutal and very stressful. But in 2012, for that one year, I was very pleased to do it. It was quite an achievement. I decided to use all my training hours and take it to the next level. I went hiking in Nepal!!! I hiked the Annapurna circuit. Ooh that was so much fun! It was the year that I went for my dreams and achieved them. I crossed off 2 big things from my bucket list. It was tough for me, although I’d say it’s hardly tough for reasonably fit people. But hiking also wasn’t ‘it’. I don’t like hiking back down. And I can’t do it daily. Or in winters when there’s ice on the mountains. It’s too scary – I have a huge paranoia of slipping. My group friends in Nepal were quite annoyed with me coz I was so scared to walk across the slippery rocks of the many natural water streams.

So, the next year, in 2013, I bought a bike. Sadly, but expectedly, I fell the first time I rode it. 🙂 I technically know how to ride a bike – I can balance, but that’s about all. I just learned as a child, I never really rode one regularly. So after falling, I kind of gave that up. I shouldn’t have, but I did. 2013 was a very slow exercise year for me, I barely got up off the couch. I was riding on my 3 day walk from last year! 🙂

In the beginning of 2014 I decided start running. My method – increase the time of continuous running by 1 min every day. I did that. I increased my running by a min every day, starting from running just 1 minute, till I ran continuously for 16 mins. But then I for it into my head that I wanted to learn how to swim. I started my lessons at the nearby community pool. But by the end of three 4-week lessons, I got the hang of it! It was a crazy exciting journey, and I was in raptures every time I come out of the pool. Initially, it felt like every time I got in the pool, I learned something new. I didn’t even realize there is so much to learn! And how much I love challenges, because at work I really don’t! I stopped swimming mostly after mid of the year, I ran a bit with a friend, but didn’t stick to a faithful exercise regime.

It is now 2015. I am going to do a half marathon this year. And this will be the year that I finally become fit. I will get into a good exercise and healthy food routine. Exercise will become a necessary and fun habit, that I will look forward to every day. I just completed the couch to 5k program this week, and I’m super thrilled! I have started the 16 week training plan for the half marathon. It’s a crazy scary, nerve-wrecking and exciting journey, and I’m really looking forward to it!

I have also been dabbling in vegetarian cooking. My recipes blog is http://yummyveggierecipes.wordpress.com.

I hope you enjoy reading about my fitness journey, and I’m sure I’ll get motivated by you to keep going. I’m not a very good writer, but I promise to try and write from my heart.

PS: I have moved this blog from my old site, raleign9.wordpress.com. I figured that the old site didn’t really give any info from the webpage name, so I created a better name for it.

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